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Disclosure Limitation and Confidentiality Protection in Linked Data

Published in Working Paper, 2021


Recommended citation: Abowd, John M., Ian M. Schmutte and Lars Vilhuber (2021). "Disclosure Limitation and Confidentiality Protection in Linked Data."in Administrative Records for Survey Methodology (eds A.Y. Chun, M.D. Larsen, G. Durrant and J.P. Reiter).

Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses

Published in Demography, 2021

Accepted at Demography

Recommended citation: Montenovo, L., Xiang J., Lozano Rojas, F., Schmutte, I.M., Simon, K.I., Weinberg, B.A., Wing, C., (2020) "Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses." forthcoming in Demography




BUSN 5000: Introduction to Data Science for Business and Economics

Undergraduate course, University of Georgia, 2022

The modern world is awash in a seemingly unlimited amount of data. To harness these data for decisions starts with acquiring the raw information and ends with a report describing the outcome of some analysis. At each step, the analyst combines data with some ideas about how the world works to produce an output. BUSN 5000 will take a hands-on approach, with a focus on techniques of data preparation; descriptive, explanatory and predictive analyses; and scientific communication.


Gender Differences in Sorting on Wages and Risk


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Recommended citation: Lavetti, Kurt and Ian M. Schmutte. "Gender Differences in Sorting on Wages and Risk." 2021. Conditionally Accepted Journal of Econometrics.