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Disclosure Limitation and Confidentiality Protection in Linked Data

Published in Working Paper, 2021


Recommended citation: Abowd, John M., Ian M. Schmutte and Lars Vilhuber (2021). "Disclosure Limitation and Confidentiality Protection in Linked Data."in Administrative Records for Survey Methodology (eds A.Y. Chun, M.D. Larsen, G. Durrant and J.P. Reiter).

Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses

Published in Demography, 2021

Accepted at Demography

Recommended citation: Montenovo, L., Xiang J., Lozano Rojas, F., Schmutte, I.M., Simon, K.I., Weinberg, B.A., Wing, C., forthcoming. "Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses." Demography



ECON 5900: Senior Thesis

Undergraduate course, University of Georgia, 2021

Over the past three years, I have offered a Senior Thesis research group together with some of my colleagues in the Department of Economics. This year, we will not be running such a group. Contact me if you are interested in writing a thesis in one of my areas of research expertise.

ECON 8850: Topics in Labor Economics

Graduate course, University of Georgia, 2021

This is a reading course on specific topics in labor economics. It is not part of the field sequence in labor economics, and is open to students who have already take ECON 8410 and ECON 8420 and those that have not. The ultimate goal is to prepare participants to conduct new research in labor economics. Toward that end, we will carefully study the literature on a few topics with the aim of locating the research frontier.